Girnar Green Tea Bags Gourmet Collection

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A gourmet collection of our palate pleasing green teas, for those times when you can’t pick an all-time favourite.


  • Green Tea Tulsi: Green tea’s commonly known Polyphenol Antioxidants and Catechins just met Tulsi’s Ayurvedic prowess. These two ingredients are known to de-stress the mind, fight free radicals, bolster metabolism, detoxify the body and enhance immunity by fighting infections. This therapeutic fusion has a light amber liquor and opens with the aroma of Tulsi that reflects onto the mild taste of green tea. Leaves the palate with the unmistakable after taste of the ayurvedic herb.

  • Detox Green Tea/Desi Kahwa: Mesmerising aroma of spices, dark amber liquor and perfectly balanced notes of spiced green tea, this tea our attempt at creating magic in a cup. The zayka of spices not only tantalises the tastebuds but is also renowned for brewing the ideal elixir for a congested nose, troubled throat, unhappy stomach and exhausted soul. An amalgamation of every gem housed in the Indian kitchen, Desi kahwa will find its way to your heart before food can. 

  • Green Tea Ginger: Deemed to relieve congestions caused by a cold, cough and stressed mind, Ginger also tastefully spices up the astringent undertones of Green tea. The unique flavour of this spice will mark its presence right from the aroma. This tea forms a brown-amber liquor of fresh Green tea with the earthy taste of Ginger whose subtle spiciness lingers on the palate.

  • Green Tea Cardamom: A steaming cup of this tea opens with the unmistakable Cardamom aroma and mildly sharp taste, that is believed to aid cold/cough decongestion. Mild green tea soothes while cardamom spices it up, striking a tasteful balance. The fresh cardamom taste leaves a rich after-taste that feels pleasant long after your last sip. 

  • Green Tea Mint: While green tea is believed to fight your battle with free-radicals, you can certainly sneak a few moments of minty delight. The refreshing fragrance of menthol, mild golden-yellow liquor and palate-soothing trait of delicate green tea with the unmissable after-taste of mint : all these make this tea mesmerising with each sip. 

  • Green Tea Jasmine: The mood enhancing prowess of Jasmine is known to have a calming effect on stressed minds. The therapeutic wonders of this fragrant addition complement the renowned benefits of Polyphenol Antioxidants and Catechins present in Green tea. This tea opens with an whiff of the floral aroma, light-yellow liquor and a tasteful note of Jasmine blended with mild green tea.

  • Green Tea Earl Grey: Earl Grey Tea is tea infused with Bergamot which is a perfumy, citrusy-sweet extract obtained from Bergamot orange. With a fragrant, sourly-sweet touch lent by Bergamot and the balancing notes of delicate green tea, this tea shows you why classics don’t fade. Its soothing flavour finishes with a citrusy note on the palate. Known as a reliever of stress and stomach distress.

  • Green Tea Japan Classic: Considered an art when making, an art when drinking, a famous Japanese scholar described this tea as a 'religion of the art of life'. The lightly steamed Tea leaves left to dry bring out an abundance of goodness of what we call antioxidants, the great repairers. To the age-old creator, it was God's solution to fatigue and ill health. Relish the mild sweetness and fragrant aroma of this rejuvenating beverage. 

  • Green Tea Lemon and Honey: The combo of gentle honey with a touch of citrusy zest, is likely to entice you right from the aroma. Mildly astringent Green tea when fused with piquant lemon and balancing undertones of soothing honey, will strike the right chords of your sensory palate. While it works on pleasing the palate, this fusion is known to pamper you till you drift off into peaceful sleep.

All this without any time lag. All you need is a cup of steaming water and one of these tea bags. 

~  Just Dip and Sip.  ~ 

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Serving Style

36 Individually Foil-Wrapped Tea Bags.

Contents In The Box

The Green Gourmet Collection consists of an assortment of Green Tea Bags (4 of each) - Lemon & Honey, Japan Classic, Cardamom, Earl Grey, Jasmine, Ginger, Detox, Tulsi & Mint Green Tea.

Directions To Use

Insert the tea bag into an empty cup. Add 100-120ml of hot water (90 degrees). Infuse tea bag for 2-3 minutes. Remove the tea bag. If desired, add honey/sugar to taste.

Storage Instructions

Store In Cool & Dry Place.

Age Range Description

24 Months (From The Month & Year Packed).

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