Girnar Green Tea Bags - Japan Classic

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With the most promising arrival on the global tea carpet, 

Green tea seems to be here to keep your health goals right on target. 

The Japan Classic blend is undoubtedly here to enthral the Indian market.

Considered an art when making, an art when drinking, a famous Japanese scholar described this tea as a 'religion of the art of life'. The lightly steamed Tea leaves left to dry bring out an abundance of goodness of what we call antioxidants, the great repairers. To the age-old creator, it was God's solution to fatigue and ill health. Relish the mild sweetness and fragrant aroma of this rejuvenating beverage. 

When partnered with regular exercise, this tea is said to keep you fit and rejuvenated. No wonder, we’ve heard health experts and tea experts swear by it.

All this without any time lag. All you need is a cup of steaming water and this tea bag. 

~  Just Dip and Sip.  ~

More Information
Serving Style 10 Individually Foil-Wrapped Tea Bags.
Ingredients Green Tea
Directions To Use Insert the tea bag into an empty cup. Add 100-120ml of hot water (90 degrees). Infuse tea bag for 2-3 minutes. Remove the tea bag. If desired, add honey/sugar to taste.
Storage Instructions Store In Cool & Dry Place.
Age Range Description 24 Months (From The Month & Year Packed)
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Country Of Origin India