Girnar Instant Premix Mellow Lemon

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Start your day with a dash of this yellow, 

And see your day turn serenely mellow.

A delightful mélange of zesty lemon with the balmy finish of cumin, lemongrass and black pepper. Opens with a refreshing aroma and warmly settles on the palate leaving a mild lemony after-taste. It isn’t Tea. It isn’t Coffee. It is a palate, stomach and mood pleaser. 

All this without a long brewing wait, or numerous ingredients to accumulate. Mellow Lemon is ready before you contemplate!

More Information
Serving Style

10 Single Serve Sachets


Sugar, Lime Powder [8%], Rock Salt, Black Salt, Black Pepper [0.8%], Cummin [0.5%], Ginger & Lemongrass.

Directions To Use

Empty the contents of the sachet(15g) into a cup. Add 150ml hot water into the cup. Stir well and enjoy.

Storage Instructions

Store In Cool & Dry Place

Age Range Description

12 Months (From The Month & Year Packed)

Ingredient Type


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