Girnar Instant Tea Premix Express (1kg Vending Pack)

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When spoilt for choice, stick to the classics. 

Express chai is the perfect recipe for a steaming cup of your Desi Chai. No additional spices, just strong chai.

For those who don’t like the wait while your favourite tea brews, this chai is ready at express speed! Just add hot water to this premix and indulge!

~ This pack is suitable only for Vending Machine use. ~

More Information
Serving Style

1kg sealed pouch of loose premix powder, serves approximately 71 cups.


Dairy Whitener, Sugar, Tea Extract.

Directions To Use

Add hot water, stir well and enjoy. Ideal for Vending machine use only.

Storage Instructions

Once opened, empty the premix powder in the Vending machine container or store in an air-tight container.

Age Range Description

9 Months (From The Month & Year Packed)

Ingredient Type


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