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Girnar Spéciale Instant Coffee

Girnar Spéciale Instant Coffee
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Have you felt brewing coffee entice your nose buds even from a distance? 

This is coffee reminding us of its aromatic and refreshing existence.  

Girnar’s Spécialé Instant Coffee is our endeavour to set such a tasteful reminder. Dark liquor, fresh coffee aroma and a crisp flavour - this coffee powder is for the typical homemade brew that allures you from the first whiff. It makes for a mildly strong, full-bodied cup of coffee that goes well with milk and sugar. Finishes with a smooth mouthfeel. 

~  Instant Coffee Powder for all those coffee cravings, which in our experience only increase when we resist.  ~

More Information
Serving Style

Soluble coffee Powder


Coffee Beans (Soluble coffee Powder)

Directions To Use

For a cup of Girnar Speciale :

1) Put 1 tsp Girnar Spéciale Instant Coffee powder in cup.

2) Pour Boiling Water Over It.

3) Add Sugar & Milk to Taste and Stir.

Note: Always use a dry spoon. Close the lid tight after use.

Storage Instructions

Store In Cool And Dry Place.

Age Range Description

9 Months (From The Month & Year Packed)

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Girnar Spéciale Instant Coffee