Joy Of Gifiting

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Joy Of Gifiting
  1. The Chairman's Collection Luxury Chest
    Gift your dear ones this thoroughly palate-pleasing collection, Which is complemented by a simply elegant... Learn More
  2. The Executive Collection - Table Top Presenter
    Handsomely dark on the top and tastefully unique inside: this presenter is designed to be a sensory melody for all... Learn More
  3. Ceramic Gift Set, 1974 Single Estate Ceramic Collection
    In a world where everything grows and perishes fast,  gift your dear ones teaware that will... Learn More
  4. Nilgiri, 1974 Single Estate Ceramic Collection
    Finest plucks from the Nilgiris can brighten up a dull day, When housed in this stylish ceramic jar, it is a tasteful... Learn More
  5. Darjeeling, 1974 First Harvest Ceramic Collection
    Encased in this stylish ceramic jar is Darjeeling’s treasure,  This bloom of Himalayan summer will please... Learn More
  6. Assam Silver Tips, 1974 Ceramic Collection
    This stylish ceramic jar encloses tea sourced from the heights, These Assam Silver tips are truly all-day delights... Learn More
  7. The Founder's Reserve Collection Luxury Chest
    For those who define what we call “a class apart”, A vintage chest full of these specially curated teas is... Learn More
  8. The Executive Collection - Table Top Presenter (Green Teabags)
    Elegant on the outside and healthy on the inside: delight your dear ones with an ideal blend!  Introducing... Learn More
  9. Girnar Celebrate Health !
    A healthy body is a reflection of what goes inside; No wonder the love for green tea has spread far and... Learn More
  10. Girnar Celebrate Life !
    Life outside our virtual screens has no place for ‘undo’ But a quick ‘restart’ over a... Learn More
  11. Girnar Celebrate Friendship !
    When enduring boiling water, teabags stay afloat thanks to their strings. Isn’t that what friendship is? Not one... Learn More
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