Light & Green

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These greens make for a cup of mildly astringent tea with a herbaceous after-taste that lingers through its length. Thin bodied and genuinely light, it is a makes for a soothing cup of Tea.

By packing this tea in a vintage brown pouch, personalized with handwritten tea notes, we’ve tried to re-fabricate the old-school Tea Auction packs. These 100g pouches are aluminium-lined and hermetically sealed ensuring freshness.

~ A simply delightful blend of carefully chosen greens; there’s indeed a lot that happens behind the scenes ~

More Information
Ingredient North Indian Green Tea
Origin North India
Grade OP1
Growth Elevation 1560 m
Aroma Herbaceous
Mouthfeel Thin & Light
Condiments With Honey OR Drink Plain
Ideally Consumed Anytime In a Day
Age Range Description 12 Months From Packaging
Steeping Notes Water - 100ml/cup, Temp - 85°C (185°F), Leaves - 1.5g/cup, Time - 2 Mins