Organic Darjeeling

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A handpicked bouquet from India’s leafy treasure in the Himalayas, which undergoes an organic production process. When steeped, these leaves make for a light-bodied cup of tea that retains the delicate but assertive trait unique to the iconic teas of Darjeeling. It boasts an amber liquor, distinctive fragrance and satisfying balance of sweetness and astringency.

Be it in production or packaging; we’ve gone back to timeless basics. The organic, eco-friendly tea production practices re-create social harmony with nature. And by packing this very organic tea in a vintage brown pouch, personalised with handwritten tea notes, we’ve tried to re-fabricate the old-school Tea Auction packs. This 100g pouch is aluminium-lined and hermetically sealed, ensuring freshness.

~  “Champagne of Teas” as Darjeeling tea is often called, when produced organically it will leave your senses even more enthralled.  ~

More Information
Ingredient Organic Darjeeling Tea
Origin Darjeeling, India
Growth Elevation 1700 m
Aroma Floral & Sweet
Mouthfeel Velvety & Smooth
Condiments With Honey &/or With Lemon OR Drink Plain
Ideally Consumed Anytime In a Day
Age Range Description 12 Months From Packaging
Steeping Notes Water - 100ml/cup, Temp - 95°C (203°F), Leaves - 2g/cup, Time - 2 Mins.