Loose Packet Tea

Loose Packet Tea
  1. Girnar Royal Cup Tea
    If you feel royalty is experienced only with a gem-studded crown, Try sipping on this rich morning brew that’s... Learn More
  2. Girnar Teasutra - Organic Assam Tea
    Bold flavour and a dark amber glow, sip on a cup of Assam’s finest, and you may not find your day slow. These... Learn More
  3. Girnar Royal Cup - Nilgiri
    Royal brew with a mild brown hue, The unique flavour of this tea will drive away your all-day blues.  From... Learn More
  4. Girnar Royal Cup - Masala Chai
    When the British introduced tea in India, Desi Chai was born; But when Chai was introduced in an Indian home, Masala... Learn More
  5. Girnar Teasutra - Organic Darjeeling Tea
    “Champagne of Teas” as Darjeeling tea is often called,  When produced organically, it will leave your... Learn More
  6. Girnar Loose Green Tea
    With the most promising arrival on the global tea carpet, Green tea seems to be here to keep your health goals right... Learn More
  7. Girnar Royal Cup - Herbal Wellness
    Feeling royal isn’t limited to wearing a gem-studded crown. Sometimes its enough to sip on sultry spiced chai... Learn More
  8. Girnar Royal Cup - Darjeeling
    Champagne of Teas it's popularly called, Darjeeling tea has always made tea lovers royally enthralled. Black tea... Learn More
  9. Girnar Golden Assam Tea
    Bold flavour and a dark amber glow, Sip on a cup of Assam’s finest and you may not find your day slow. Brisk... Learn More
  10. Girnar Kesari Tea - No.3
    For decades this tea has been part of many grocery lists, Chai no. 3 is one blend Girnar Chai lovers cannot... Learn More
  11. Girnar Super Cup Tea - 250gm
    Kadak Hai ! Chai Bhi, Swaad Bhi. ~  Loose tea leaves for an aromatic kitchen brew, when your day seems too... Learn More
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