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The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush
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This rich and exotic golden amber liquor is a perfect encapsulation of the unique Assam flavours. It gives a glimpse of subtle earthy undertones amidst the characteristic malty overtones. 

Refuel your body anytime in the day with these carefully plucked leaves, packed in a 100g pouch which is aluminium-lined and hermetically sealed, ensuring freshness. The vintage brown pouch, personalised with handwritten tea notes, is our re-fabrication of the old-school Tea Auction packs.

~  You’ll feel the gold rush from head to toe; pleasing your palate is one thing our experts know  ~

More Information
Ingredient Assam Orthodox Wholeleaf Tea
Origin Assam, India
Growth Elevation 60 m
Aroma Earthy
Mouthfeel Thick & Malty
Condiments With Milk &/or With Sugar OR Drink Plain
Ideally Consumed Anytime In a Day
Age Range Description 12 Months From Packaging
Steeping Notes Water - 100ml/cup, Temp - 100°C (212°F), Leaves - 2g/cup, Time - 2 Mins.